2015-09-14 - Compiler | First public release of FlingOS Compiler


This was the first public release of the FlingOS Ahead-Of-Time compiler. The compiler allows ahead of time compilation of MSIL code (from MSBuild in VS2013 or earlier) to x86 or MIPS machine code.

The compiler is not intended to be an optimised compiler so shouldn't be used for production work. It is intended as a learning tool allowing Microsoft Intermediate Language to be compiled to x86 or MIPS machine code.

By not having optimisations and generating code as directly from IL code as possible, the output assembly code can easily be inspected to see how it works. This allows new developers to easily see how their high level code gets converted to low-level code for managing the hardware.

MSIL code can be created by compiling any Microsoft .Net language (C#, VB.NET, F# or Managed C++). The FlingOS compiler ignores all references to the .NET Framework libraries (for reasons that are either obvious or best left explained to a separate article).