Conceptual Docs

FlingOS System Calls


The documentation on this page is prelimenary. It is still in the design stage and subject to significant changes. Most of it has also yet to be implemented in the FlingOS system itself.

System Calls list

Num Name Description
0 INVALID Not a valid system call.
1 Register Interrupt Handler Registers a handler method for a given interrupt number (excluding the syscall interrupt number).
2 Deregister Interrupt Handler Performs the inverse of Register Interrupt Handler
3 Register Syscall Handler Registers a handler method for a specific system call number.
4 Deregister Syscall Handler Performs the inverse of Register Syscall Handler.
5 Request Page Requests a new free page or specific page of memory be mapped into the current process's address space.
6 Unmap Page Removes a page of memory from the current process's address space.
7 Share Page Shares a page of the current process's memory with another process. Both sides must agree/request the share.
8 Start Process Starts a new process.
9 End Process End the specified process.
10 Set Process Attributes Sets the attributes of the specified process.
11 Get Process List Gets a list of all currently executing processes.
12 Wait On Process Waits for the specified process to end (meaning all threads end).
13 Start Thread Starts a new thread within the current process.
14 End Thread Ends the specified thread.
15 Set Thread Attributes Sets the attributes of the specified thread.
16 Get Thread List Gets a list of all the threads for ths specified process.
17 Wait On Thread Waits for the specified thread to end.
18 Create Semaphore Creates a new semaphore and returns its handle.
19 Release Semaphore Releases an existing semaphore. When no more references are held, the semaphore is destroyed.
20 Wait Semaphore Waits on a semaphore.
21 Signal Semaphore Signals a semaphore.
22 Get Time Gets the current system time.
23 Set Time Sets the current system time.
24 Get Up Time Gets the system up time in milliseconds.
25 Register Pipe Endpoint Registers a pipe endpoint (output) for the current process.
26 Get Pipe Endpoints Gets a list of all pipe endpoints.
27 Create Pipe Creates a pipe between the current process and the specified endpoint.
28 Wait on Pipe Create Waits for a pipe to be created to the specified endpoint of the current process.
29 Read Pipe Reads data from a pipe.
30 Write Pipe Writes data to a pipe.
31 Register Device Registers the existence of a new device.
32 Deregister Device Deregisters the existence of a specified device. It must be assigned to the process which attempts to deregister it.
33 Assign Device Assigns a known device to be managed by a specific driver.
34 Release Device Releases a specified device so that it can be assigned to another driver.